#68: What can I help you with?


This discussion thread is an experiment. Instead of me writing to you, I’m here to ask you a question: What motivation advice do you need?

Maybe you want help to finally start writing that book?
Maybe you feel stumped by your child who seems motivated to play the clarinet and unmotivated for everything else?
Or maybe you find it hard to sustain your motivation after years of freelancing.

I love reading advice columns (see here and here). I like to believe that the wisdom of sagacious internet strangers percolates through me1. I also enjoy some self-help books. I’m wary of them alright: I question dogma, overplayed ‘expertise’, and facile, one-size-fits-all tips; but treasure rare a-ha insights.

And yet! I’ve been reluctant to offer advice on this newsletter. When some of you perceptive readers asked me for it on the sly, I’ve felt uncomfortable because I’m not an ‘expert’; you are the expert on your own life. I’m one person, exploring ideas, asking around, getting it wrong along the way.

But I’m also in a position, I think, to help a little: to listen; to access people more knowledgeable and experienced than I am; to relay their insights, to find links between ideas and people and situations.

So, over to you. I’m all ears. Your input and questions will help me make this newsletter more useful to you.

PS: As always, if you’d rather not comment publicly, hit reply to send me an e-mail.


And, if I’m honest, I enjoy occasional, compassionate takedowns of tone-deaf advice seekers.

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