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Why Would Anyone is a newsletter exploring the reasons we do what we do. You may like reading it especially if you are wrestling with people-pleasing and overthinking tendencies 😅🧐.

The newsletter usually comes out twice a week. In general:

  • On Tuesdays, I publish Three Things that got me thinking, a short list of items I read/heard/saw/experienced that made me reflect about intrinsic motivation.

  • On Fridays, I send a personal and/or reported piece about intrinsic motivation1 and how it shows up at work, at home, in parenting, and everywhere else.

Why Would Anyone subscribe to this newsletter?

  • To stretch your mind. I ask lots of questions (to myself, to academics, and other thoughtful folks) to understand motivation, and share that process with you. I’m wary of prescriptions and ‘hacks’: what I’m after are a-ha moments that sediment into new ways of looking at things, or guide gentle real-life tweaks.

  • To save time. I’m a voracious reader and listener who finds motivation insights in unexpected places. I share my favourite finds with you, so you can go straight to the juicy bits.

  • To make your life easier. You’ll get every post sent directly to your inbox and will never miss an update.

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Who is this?

My name is Tania Rabesandratana. I’ve been a freelance science and policy journalist since 2010. I was a contributing correspondent for Science, the weekly magazine of the AAAS, from 2013 until I started this newsletter. I also worked as a staff writer at SciDev.Net and Research Europe.

I won the Attuned Writer Fellowship 2021-22, which funds my time to create and run Why Would Anyone for one year. The Fellowship leaves me free to choose my own topics and angles, and I do not write corporate content.

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That is, the drive to do something because you enjoy it, not because you expect a reward or punishment.